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How to Partner

Joint Venture & Strategic Alliance Basics


What is a Partnering?

"Partnerings, often referred to as Joint Ventures or Strategic Alliances, are the joining of two or more companies to exchange resources, share risks, or divide rewards from a joint enterprise." Curt Sahakian, Managing Director of the Corporate Partnering Institute

Partnerings can take any of a number of forms such as: a strong relationship with a major customer, a partnership with a source of distribution, a relationship with a supplier of innovation or product, or an alliance in pursuit of a common goal.

Sometimes partners form a new jointly owned company (a "Joint Venture"). In other instances one partner purchases equity in the other. Most often the relationship is defined by a contract (a "Strategic Alliance").

The Quickest Way to Grow

Partnerings are the quickest way to grow your company, particularly in times of change. Without implementing difficult and time-consuming internal changes, they allow you to:
- Rapidly move to decisively seize opportunities before they disappear.
- Respond more quickly to change.
- Adapt with greater flexibility.
- Increase your market share.
- Gain access to a new market or beat others to that market.
- Quickly shore up internal weaknesses.
- Gain a new skill or area of competence.
- Succeed although your company lacks otherwise key resources.

Partnerings can rapidly meet your needs for key resources such as more customers, additional capital, new products, better products, new distribution channels, additional facilities, increased production capacity, or more personnel.

Selecting Corporate Partners

Few companies have everything that they need. You may need money, customers, or product.

No matter what you need, there is someone who has it. That someone is a potential Corporate Partner.

Look for someone who has resources or knowledge you need - someone who shores up your weaknesses.

Three Vital Steps to a Successful Partner Search

  1. Determine what it is you need but don't have: this can be customers, capital, special expertise, personnel, products, or distribution channels.
  2. Determine who has what you need.
  3. Ask them for it, but, (and this is key), first make sure you have something they want or need. To do otherwise assures that you will waste time on a deal that will either fail to close or will dissipate before you get what you came for. In such situations even strong introductions won't help. They just increase the amount of time you waste before you must withdraw to seek your needs elsewhere.

Partner Acquisition Campaigns

We have a structured approach to helping you find and close deals with the partners you need. Here is how we do it: First we develop a One Page Strategy Sheet for your specific situation. We apply the following analytical tools to your existing competitive position: Michael Porter Five Forces Analysis, The Discretionary Dollar, The Virtual Dollar, Value Chain Ratcheting.

We do 7 point analysis to determine (a) who has what you need, (b) what it is you have, or can obtain, that they may need, and (c) how best to get them to seek you out.

We then develop and implement a campaign to draw pre-qualified and motivated potential partners to you.

Finally, we help you negotiate and close your deals

Each campaign is tailored to your specific needs. You pick and chose which elements of the service you buy from us and which you do yourself. We will even train you, or play backup, for those elements of the campaign you want to do in house.

More Information About Partner Acquisition Campaigns



Call and ask how we can help you... Call 1-800-948-1700, ask for Heidi. Or email Heidi at

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