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Executive Guides

"Customer Partnering - An Executive Guide to Key Practices" by Curtis E. Sahakian Proven methodologies and practices for partnering with your customers. Includes a step-by-step process for building a joint business plan with your customers - reserving a special place for you. More Information

"Shareholder Buy/Sell Agreements - Key Practices & Common Provisions" by Curtis E. Sahakian the "Russian Roulette" Buy/Sell, the "Texas Showdown", the "Armenian Handshake". Sections on: Managing Shared Control - Key Practices, The Eight Basic Ways to Handle Deadlocks, The Four Basic Types of Business Valuations. A complete yet condensed explanation of what every shareholder needs to know about sharing ownership and control of a private company! More Information

"Business Applications of Propaganda" by Curtis E. Sahakian Demagogues throughout history have used it. Today those people most successful at marketing and selling use it. Based on University research in the emerging field of Economic Behavioralism. The top 15 basic types of propaganda techniques and the decision making flaws which they exploit. We explain each one and give practical tips on how to apply them in business applications - and how to avoid traps set by others making use of them. More Information

The "One Page Strategy Sheet" by Curtis E. Sahakian a single piece of paper that communicates to all the people in an organization the information each person needs to coordinate everyday decisions. A to-the-point, instruction manual on how to use techniques such as Michael Porter's Five Forces Analysis, The Discretionary Dollar, The Virtual Dollar, and Value Chain Ratcheting to create a concise one-page business plan that everyone in your company can read and follow. Get everyone rowing in the same direction. More Information

"Sahakian's Rules" by Curtis E. Sahakian Success Strategies of Leading Executives. A collection of over 240 concise and practical business rules covering 32 critical topics. Includes battle tested rules and strategies for taking and defending market share, partnering and joint ventures, bluffing, leading and responding to change, managing people, running a business, and launching new products.

The "Delphi Method" by Curtis E. Sahakian This Business Guide provides a condensed discussion of the use of the "Delphi Method" for strategic planning. More Information

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