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CPI Partnering Services

We Help You Grow Your Company.

Joint ventures, alliances, and other corporate partnerings are fueling the growth of the world's most successful companies. The demand to deliver more new products, quicker, and at lower prices has never been greater. Joint ventures and other collaborative arrangements are revolutionizing how winning companies compete by permitting businesses to enter new markets and field new products.

Partnerings can take many forms such as: a strong relationship with a major customer, a partnership with a source of distribution, a relationship with a supplier of innovation or product, or an alliance in pursuit of a common goal. Sometimes corporate partners form a new jointly owned company. In other instances one partner purchases equity in the other. Most often, the relationship is defined by a contract.

Corporate partnerings are the quickest way to grow your company, particularly in times of change. Without implementing difficult and time-consuming internal changes, a partnering permits you to:
* Move to decisively seize opportunities before they disappear.
* Respond more quickly to change.
* Adapt with greater flexibility.
* Increase your market share.
* Gain access to a new market or penetrate markets before your competition.
* Shore up internal weaknesses.
* Gain a new skill or area of competence.
* Succeed although your company lacks otherwise key resources.

Here is how you can effectively use partnering to grow your company.

Partner Acquisition Campaign.

No matter what it is, there is always someone who has what you need: More Customers, Additional Capital, New or Additional Distribution Channels, Preexisting Relationships or Old Fashioned CLOUT, Experience with a New Business Model, Agility and Innovation, New Products or Services, Specialized Knowledge, Expertise or Experience, Low-Cost or Unique Production Capacity

Our structured approach will help you find and close deals with the partners you need.

  • First we develop a one-page strategy sheet for your specific situation and analyze your competitive position.
  • We do an eight-point analysis to answer these questions:
    • Who has what you need?
    • What it is you have, or can obtain, that they may need?
    • How best to get them to seek you out?
  • We then develop and implement a campaign to draw pre-qualified and motivated potential partners to you.
  • Finally, we help you negotiate and close your deals.

Each campaign is tailored to your specific needs. You decide which components you buy from us and which you do yourself. If you want to handle the campaign in-house, we can train or provide back up.

More Information About Partner Acquisition Campaigns

The Partnering Telephone Consult.

This is an immediate partnering assist to get you quickly up to speed. We offer a concise telephone consultation with an experienced partnering professional from the Corporate Partnering Institute. It is an opportunity to ask specific questions and get immediate answers. We can:

* Provide guidance on locating and qualifying the right partner.
* Develop and negotiate deal sheets -- the first draft is the most critical.
* Overcome barriers to an early closure of your deal.
* Explain how to use a deal sheet
* Avoid hidden pitfalls
* Help in prioritizing our partnering checklists to your particular situation
* Get on track and up to speed, quicker, easier, and faster.

More Information About the Partnering Telephone Consult

Partnering Advisory Services.

We support you through the delicate partnering process by:

* Qualifying prospective partners
* Assessing your true partnering needs
* Identifying the partner profiles most likely to cause you grief
* Avoiding common errors and pitfalls
* Bringing your deal to early closure
* Guiding you in fixing or extricating yourself from troubled partnerings
* Avoiding the delay and missteps of your own on-the-job training

CPI Partnering Arbitration and Mediation Services.

It can often be helpful for partners to have an independent third party available when they need help. For example:

* In assembling a partnering you can run into difficult issues that can be resolved with help from an independent and reasonable view point.
* Lawyers can get locked up into unreasonable positions. As an outsider we can ask the tough questions to open the issues, find reasonable compromises, and break the deadlock.

What do You Charge?

Whenever possible, we quote a fixed fee. For long-term engagements with measurable results, we prefer to reduce our fees and supplement them with success-based rewards. We generally start client relationships with a telephone consultation charged at an hourly rate. Click here for more information about our Partnering Telephone Consult

Call and ask for more details about our services and fees... Call 1-800-948-1700, ask for Heidi. Or email Heidi at

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