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Customer Partnering

Customer Partnering,
An Executive Guide to Key Practices


Build yourself into your customer's business plan. Find ways to make yourself indispensable.

Today's top competitors are increasingly turning to Customer Partnering to gain competitive advantage and drive growth.

This 14 page business guide shows you a proven methodology for partnering with your customers. It provides you with a step-by-step recipe for building a joint business plan with your customers, reserving a special place in it for you.

Use it to acquire new customers and defend existing customers from the predation of competitors. Use it to deliver more value, while protecting and improving your margins.

"Customer Partnering, An Executive Guide to Key Practices" by Curt Sahakian includes information on:

  • Why customers & suppliers partner with each other
  • Customer partnering vs. other types of partnering
  • Selecting a customer partner
  • Which customers to avoid
  • Developing your plan
  • Developing a joint plan
  • The "Top to Top" meeting
  • Practical dos and don'ts
  • Customer politics
  • Employee issues
  • The initial launch
  • Not resting on your laurels
  • Pitfalls and danger areas
  • Making sure you capture your fair portion of the value you jointly create with your customer
  • How to get started - Right AWAY!

You can order "Customer Partnering: An Executive Guide to Key Practices" by calling 1-800-948-1700 or you can order it online right now by (Clicking Here)!


Call and ask how we can help you... Call 1-800-948-1700, ask for Heidi. Or email Heidi at

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